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Website Maintenance

We can offer the best support with the all-around package, including regularly updating the website. Our teams provide services including Running backups, checking for 404 errors and server redirects, Updating the content, Removing spam comments, and Testing page speeds.

As a top website maintenance services company,  Searchicon Digital Pvt. Ltd. help businesses across the globe for the improvement of the performance as well as security of their websites. Website maintenance and support services come with the involvement of Website analysis, Troubleshooting, and Bug Fixing, boosting the Website Speed.

We are one of the best things that have been offering maintenance services, including content update, security update, speed backup, plugin, SSL certificate support, and similar others. We have developed expertise in handling maintenance requests and offer unlimited technological support. We also excel with the removal of the spam comment, updating the contents, testing the website speed, and offering you the overall package that will be highly developed for your website maintenance.The top web maintenance services that we offer has been helping businesses over the globe with the improvement of the performance and security of their website.

“A little Inspection Can Make You A Smart Businessman”

If you’re not inspecting your website on a regular basis, then it means you’re not serious about your business. Whether is a business, service or an individual, all websites require regular examination and proper updates in order to ensure each component is updated and relevant. This not only helps in updating with the current version, but also it keeps you on high ranking on search engines.

Our Service of Website and Steps

When you’re doing business and targeting clients on a large scale, make sure that your website should not look like a dated box of information. There are regular updates and maintenance required and it should be done within the provided time. There are some mandatory steps which our team at Searchicon Digital takes within the bounded time;

Proper inspection of the speed of pages and duration taken by the site in uploading pages. This is important because the more it takes time to upload, the more you are disappointing the clients and visitors.

Make sure that your website is properly running a timely backup in order to keep the data safe and secure.

Ensures that all the forms are smoothly operated and running according to the mandated programming

The update of the software and plug-ins is as important as the revenue of your business. Without updating the software and plug-ins your site will face big troubles.

The 404 error is just like a closed door during working hours. This error means that the particular web page does not exist. This error occurs when you skip updating the pages of your site. Our team keeps a hawk eye vigilance to ensure that the site should not face this irritating 404 error and update them timely.

The team is responsible for updating your blog with name-relevant information using high-quality and optimized content and keywords, images and videos. This attracts the clients and retains the visitors. As per the reports, the more updated website helps in the conversion and increases the engagements.

The team will answer all your queries and is also responsible to keep following and updating all the technical aspects of the site including the software, programming and site construction and components.

Our Service of Website and Steps

Site Improvement and Regular Inspection
Tool and Software Integration
Coding and Web Designing
Site Hosting and Maintenance Assistance​
Back-end maintenance and customization of E-commerce sites
Software update follow-up and registration of codes and license

We are also providing custom services and project-wise case-by-case evaluation. The team consists of software engineers, developers, web host experts and web developers to keep monitoring overall activities.

Why Traffic and Analytics Are Important

The assessment is the major part of the overall programming and planning. Data analytics is important in terms of the assessment of traffic coverage and data of your site. This process keeps monitoring the overall web development. This part of the procedure is also taught to the client so that the client should also keep a close watch on the progress of the site.

Our Team for Your Website Maintenance Service

Searchicon Digital has organized four teams for the website maintenance service that executes their responsibility in rotational shifts of the day.

The teams are consists of site architectures, expert web developers, software developers, software engineers, programming team, software and license customization team, tech support team, content writers, content designers, keywords analysts, social media marketing team, social media engineers, tool experts and Google tool experts. Searchicon Digital will also provide a team for 24 hours assistance on call who will also guide you on each query and request.