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Web Development Services

Searchicon Digital Pvt. Ltd., the leading Website development company, offers a range of website design and development services, from creating mobile web development solutions and responsive website designs to offering Quality assurance.

We have the best services for Ecommerce Applications as well as Custom Web Applications. As a top team of professionals, we can ensure providing you with full-stack web development services with specialization in e-commerce and web application.

Over the years, we have built plenty of websites that have been driving the business as a web development company. We can ensure the development of the custom website. We can do so with the help of fully optimized responsive and modern designs.

The eCommerce web development that we specialize with alongside the utilization of the CRM software makes us the finest teams. The top web development solutions that you can get with us define your brand and increase the products or the service sales through the online channel.

Your Site Is Your Global Presence, Make it worth Your Business

Your website is the primary face of your business and it should be highly engaging and comprehensive. If your site is lacking the aspects it should have, then it may impact the business or your services. There are several intricacies in a business web development and you’ll need the right components and expert guidance that turns up as one of the biggest reasons to generate conversions and long-term potential existence.

Searchicon Digital provides a skilful team consisting of expert software developers, highly skilled web developers and technical experts who will execute the responsibility to develop a highly engaging and result-oriented business, service or individual site. The team is an expert in finding the issues and laxities in existing sites in order to fix them and update the relevant components of your business or service site so that your site should be able to capture the attention of your clients.

Types Of Web Development Services And Their Effect

With the ongoing evolution in the world of information and technology, every niche has its own website. As per the world economic forum, over 1.7 billion websites are currently operational. The natures of the sites are divided into some mandated categories. Some of them are







Government and private Portals



Research and Development

Celebrities and Brands

Types Of Web Development Services At Searchicon Digital

Custom Web Development

The technical team is responsible to update the site with the relevant theme, information and products of your business.

General Web Development

The technical team inspects the website in order to fix the laxities or develop a new and relevant site for your website.

E-commerce site Development

The E-commerce site should be very competitive, informative, and technically optimized with keywords, images and videos. The team consists of keywords analysts, image and video editors, web developers, market analysts and SEO team members who bring up the site with highly engaging content and pages.

Graphic Designing

The dedicated team members of the graphic designing team inspect the graphic content of the site and make it more relevant for your global presence that attracts your clients.

  Supplementary Development Services

 These services are necessary to outshine your competitors.


The content editors edit the unnecessary and irrelevant parts and make your site more informative and relevant.

  Content writing

Our skilled content writers write the content using highly optimized and researched keywords.

Content building and development

The content observing team is responsible for constructing the content part and fixing it in the most desired part of the site.

Customization of Blog

The blog should be highly customized assessing the need of the visitor. It attracts the attention of the person searching for your business or service.

 Site Conception and Design Process:

The site is constructed keeping the targeted audience in mind and should become the reason for conversion. The site is prepared with contemporary technical aspects.

Four Major Benefits Of Potential Web Development

Market Credibility

Enhance the Market

Global Presence and Recognition

Client Satisfaction and Resolution