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Content Marketing

Leading online content marketing Management company Searchicon Digital Pvt. Ltd. helps in fuelling your brand with a result-oriented approach to creating compelling content. Content marketing services will be helping the companies and marketers with the content, strategy, tools alongside evaluation necessary that will be helping support marketing campaigns.

It can ensure increasing website traffic from your online marketing channels. It will help with SEO-backed content while attracting customers with quality content. Our services span strategy development, content creation, research and ideation, editing, and publishing.It can ensure increasing website traffic from your online marketing channels. It will help with SEO-backed content while attracting customers with quality content. Our services span strategy development, content creation, research and ideation, editing, and publishing.

We utilize the finest strategy tools and evaluation that will be necessary for supporting the marketing campaigns. In addition to that, we take into consideration for formulating the best content for the brand, including the video content, podcast, white papers, slideshares. We will be helping you in increasing the website traffic from your online marketing channels.

Be it digital marketing, any business or service, in a crisp, content is everything that helps you to move ahead. Without quality content, no business or service could grow stronger. You need to understand the baseline of content and why it is mandatory to use quality content if you want to reach your audience. Simple, take an example; “As clear your communication is, the better you be able to make people understand your message.”
The content is the only way you not only reach and convert your targeted audience but also your optimized content will help your site to rank at the top of the search engines.

Searchicon Digital has a large team of best content writers, SEO experts and Keywords Analysts who design your competitive content.

What is Quality Content?

Recently a survey was conducted by the world’s top SEO companies on how people understand the quality content and what they consider it. The results brought up three different types of content people are using to promote their business, service or social media accounts. The primary method they consider is low-quality content which means content with irrelevant keywords or random keywords. These accounts and websites were found to fail in achieving their targets.

The secondary method people are using is duplicate content or the content prepared using AI software. Instead of promoting the sites or accounts, these contents are found to become the reason for the loss in business or revenue. However, for those using quality and fully optimized content, their websites are found on the top of the search engines like Google or Bing. Moreover, they are more easily found across the channels of social media.

Why does Quality Content Matter for Google?

There are results where people used low-quality content and they found failed in achieving their targets. Google is based upon the finest algorithm which itself a global network. Several races are conducted every minute across the globe virtually to reach the top position of the algorithm in order to establish their identity on the top of the search engines.

Only those survive with the demanded parameters by Google. Google demands quality content because that content is not used anywhere and is prepared using the analysed and optimized keywords. This works as a passport to cross any level of the Google algorithm. This has been shown by Google in an E-A-T format.

What is E-A-T?

E- Stands for Expertise: Google uses over 200 various ranking factors to rank your business or service on an individual site. The content without plagiarism or non-existing is considered by the algorithm of the search engine..

A-Stands for Authoritativeness: The word authoritativeness itself describes the definition that the site or brand should be authoritative with a precise and powerful SEO process.

T-Stands for Trustworthiness:  Your website should be complete with on and off-page SEO that will include the basic content of the page privacy policy, about page, domain, registration and links.  

The establishment of Expertise was designed by Google itself. Undoubtedly the search engine gives opportunity to those who complete its mandated guidelines. Google has set the mandated parameter in two forms. The primary is based upon the existing algorithm and the second consideration is in a modified form.

How We Make Quality Content

Analysed Content
The content prepared by our content writers is properly researched and cross-verified using different tools. Moreover, the proofreading team checks it before giving the final green signal. The team consists of content writers, content analysts, proofreaders and grammar experts who are responsible to ensure that the content is flawless and free from plagiarism. Similarly, the content analysts check the content of your site and ensure the content is filled with proper and relevant information.
Content Audit

The team consists of a content auditor, content observer and content writers who thoroughly inspect the entire content of your site to find where your site needs improvement and where it is working perfectly. If there is any lack, the team repairs the glitch perfectly to ensure precision.

Analysis of Competitors

Our team members including market researchers, market analysts, market observer, social media analysts, social media strategists and social media marketing manager conducts an online analysis of your competitors to bring out their strong and weak points. This process will help you to outshine your competitors in the market.

Keyword Research

In the preparation for the content, the keywords are the most crucial part. Our keyword research team conducts research to develop strong and trending keywords. The keywords explored by our research team are forwarded to the SEO team who performs the SEO on those keywords to ensure optimization.