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Email Marketing

The email marketing service that we offer ensures leveraging different email service providers (ESPs) for sending out automated, personalized marketing emails. With our approach, you will get the opportunity of growing your list; with a drag-and-drop builder.

Best email marketing services will help in building beautiful, responsive emails that will engage targeted subscribers, nurture leads, and track results. We serve as an all-in-one marketing, automation & email marketing platform. The finest email marketing services that we offer help you and sending out automated personalized marketing emails containing the brand message.

As one of the leading companies in digital marketing, we will provide you with support all in one marketing automation and the email marketing platform. You can get the best customer support service as well. Be ready to now assign the task to our members can be the beautiful responsive emails with the email marketing platform for increasing the subscribers, nurturing leads, and tracking results.The personalized email marketing campaigns that we will provide you will help you in effectively communicating with your customers.

“Email Marketing- You Wish We Serve, Just a Click Away!”

As the generation is heading towards the online world, the majority of the internet users prefer to be online and they wanted to receive either advertisements or information in an open form instead. When it comes to ROI, business or service owners use scores of strategies to drive in more benefits, but the majority of them are using the email marketing strategy to connect with their desired and targeted audience or to promote their products or services. This process is considered effective because it saves time.

Our Team of Email Marketing

Though in the world of information, the more you say the more people understand, but still, there are areas, where you should say less and your words will attract more. In an online world of email marketing, our team at Searchicon Digital consists of content writers, copywriters, news writers, market analyst, email marketing strategists, proofreaders, graphic designers, image and video editors and content designers helps you in a cost-effective way to create a mass perception for your business or services.

The team is solely responsible to find out the audience searching for your product. This step is followed by the lead generation process. The agency assigns a team to generate the leads and work on them in order to send them specific emails in a short package format. The format we use to send the custom email is sweet and simple. It doesn’t carry a bagful of information, because the more you write in an ad, the fewer people will pay attention to it.

However, the e-mails sent by our team to the targeted audience compels them to drive in your business or service website. The team especially assigned for the email marketing is well versed in writing and drafting professional emails, newsletters, press releases, promo write-ups and advertisements in an appealing way that forces the client to read them thoroughly without losing attention.

Is Keyword an Important factor In Email Marketing?

Keywords are the most crucial part when it comes to online promotional writing. The keywords used in writing for email marketing should be highly engaging, well researched and analysed and relevant. The separate team for keywords analysis consists of social media market strategists, social media analysts, data scientists, online market analysts, SEO experts and technical experts members who perform the initial operation of research of keywords by conducting online research of data across the channels.

The team picks the keywords which are frequently used and relevant to the business or service. These keywords are prepared in a package format. The team sent these analysed keywords to the email writing team who are responsible to prepare the content accordingly.

The Email Marketing Strategy of Searchicon Digital

There are three teams that are assigned to work on email marketing.

Online Research Team
Writing Team
Feedback and Conversion
Observation Team

The resources are the best speakers of any organization or individual. The more you have resources the more credible your search or reach will be. The online research team of Searchicon Digital uses different methods and resources of research to reach the targeted audience for your business or service. This team launches a variety of email campaigns and conducts an online data research operation across the channels, websites and social media accounts in order to reach the right audience.

The search data collected by the team is forwarded to the writing team. This team fetch out the multiple subscribers list and writes emails using the data and subscribers list. On the basis of the email, sent to the targeted audience, the feedback and conversion observation team are responsible to bring out the result of the email marketing done by the team. The last step taken by the team is to conduct tracking of key metrics of the email campaigns, the Click-Through-Rate (CTR), and all results on Google Analytics. The team is also responsible to send the routine report to you so that you may be able to check your reach and success.