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Custom Software

Custom software development from the custom application development company serves as the competitive advantage in the market due to the superior functionality offering the custom solution provides. Dedicated developers with industry-specific experience ensure offering the services including custom web development, implementation & deployment. We involve the standard process of creating, deploying, designing, and maintaining software.

The full cycle of software development involves ideation to delivery and maintenance. In work, we emphasize System Integration Services and Legacy Modernization. The custom software development services that we offer come as a tailor-made solution as we ensure designing building, integrating, and scaling the software solutions for meeting a business’s needs.

We have experience in the development of custom software. We understand how can custom software development services serve as one of the greatest solutions in competitive in the market due to the superior functionality of the custom solution. It provides custom software development services from dedicated developers like us to ensure that we will be working favorably for you with the fast industry-specific experience implementation and deployment of custom web development.

We provide the services as a full-stack web development service provider offering professional website design services worldwide. We have a specialization with eCommerce & web applications that span around Website Portfolio, Business Websites and Web Applications.

Remember! Customs Changes the Common Background. No Custom? No Background!!!

Nowadays customization has become a need of every business, service or individual. The specific needs are increasing day-to-day and every software needs regular maintenance. We SearchIcon digital provide the service of custom software which is led by a team of experts. The team has expertise in designing and customizing the software for the targeted audience, users, e-commerce or other business and services. So make sure your decisions must not impact your business and it should become the major reason that can eliminate all the incapability and prove the most cost-effective solution.

What We Do

SearchIcon Digital has its own specialization in providing custom software development services. The team which is specially assigned to integrating and developing services is consist of software engineers, software developers, DBS experts, resource planning experts, web developers, content management team that includes content writers, content planners, and content designers. There is a dedicated specific team for customer relationship management software that works in rotational shifts. The services provided by our teams are;

Developing the Customer Relationship Management Software
Developing and integrating the Content Management Systems
Developing the Enterprise Resource Planning Software
  Database Management Software

Specific Fields where Custom Software Are being Used

Education System
Custom software is mostly used in the education systems to manage updates and admissions. The software is also helpful in managing a large number of students and management.
Retail Outlets​
These custom software are used by the retail outlets and supermarkets in order to maintain their inventory and routine details.
The e-commerce companies are using custom software globally. The software is the major source to manage the online clients, products, changes, MRP and MBP, revenue, billing and employment details.
Construction and Tender Companies​
To manage the projects, changes, tenders, drawings and approvals, inspection, commissioning and certifications, documentation and designing and architecture work are being managed by the custom software.
Finance and Accounts
The software is being used in financial companies to track the records, update the details and monitoring of updates and revenue, interest, stock, market and currency update.
Hospitals and Medicine industry
Custom software for hospitals and medical companies is prepared by our team on an order basis. It is mostly used in the transfer of patients, patient details and keeping the patient history in the record of the hospital.

We will give you the maximum support for managing the in-store and online product inventory appearing on Google. The shopping campaigns google ads that we offer will be perfectly customized for the new product Discovery experience.