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Affiliate Marketing

Amazon affiliate program marketing services that we set for our clients offer the services with the marketing model where the company compensates third-party publishers for the generation of traffic or leads to the company’s products.

Be ready to advertise your products and services. Affiliate Marketing programs that Searchicon Digital Pvt. Ltd. offer will ensure offering the popular pay-for-performance systems. Affiliate marketing has become one of the most famous marketing models. 

In this regard, we will formulate the best cost-effective marketing strategies, and our experts will help you in promoting your product and the services.. They develop the best programs that you can consider with us. We will serve as the best referral program in giving commission to the one successfully referring the potential client for the leads to your site.

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Affiliate marketing is now an emerging marketing style to promote the business or product through someone other’s website and the website is the owner is paid off his service followed by the count of conversion. Amazon has popularized the process by creating an affiliate marketing program. So if you’re missing the process of affiliate marketing, then you will miss one of the major and prominent ways of marketing.

This process completely depends upon the relevancy of the marketing. The more relevant sites you use to promote your business, the higher rate of conversion is expected. The entire process is tracked by the website owners. We Searchicon Digital provides the service of affiliate marketing using a large network of highly authoritative websites.

Types of Affiliate Marketing at Searchicon Digital

There are three types of affiliate marketing considered by the authorities. Though there are some speculations over the types of marketing, authorities are yet to consider the three marketing processes accordingly.





These three types of affiliates were categorized by Pat Flynn in 2009. This categorization was done by him to make a differentiation between the affiliate marketers.


This category was described by Pat Flynn himself after reviewing hundreds of reports with feedback from clients. In this model, the marketer has less or no connection with the product. The marketers are also said to have no authority or expertise in the ecology of the product.
According to the last survey report introduced in 2010, this process is mostly preferred by those business or service owners who are interested in short-term business and are not interested in product or client relationship management.

Searchicon Digital doesn’t suggest this type of marketing to those business or service owners who have planned long-term goals in aspects, the product and the client relationship. The pay-per-click services are mostly preferred in this process.


The name itself is describing the nature of the marketing. In this process, the affiliate is closely tied with the product and client satisfaction. The client relationship and product value a lot for affiliates. They try the product themselves in expectation of a good experience. They have the authority to make claims about it.


This is the process between Unattached and Involved. Business and service owners often prefer the two marketing methods of affiliates; the primary is Involved and the secondary the related. However, those who are not making a large interest in product and client management, opt for the unattached marketing service. These affiliates are said to attach to their targeted audience. They also offer authority.

The most attractive point in this type of marketing is that the affiliate has the expertise to generate traffic. According to the reports submitted by the owners on basis of the survey conducted by them as part of the verification, the process includes the risk recommendation.  The Searchicon Digital ensure all sort of expertise and the marketing managed by our skilled team.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing


Low Cost Advertising
Effective and targeted Lead Generation
Qualified Lead
Broader Market


Threat of Theft
Can be Subject to fraud
Less Control