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E-Commerce Development​

Amazon affiliate program marketing services that we set for our clients offer the services with the marketing model where the company compensates third-party publishers for the generation of traffic or leads to the company’s products.

Be ready to advertise your products and services. Affiliate Marketing programs that Searchicon Digital Pvt. Ltd. offer will ensure offering the popular pay-for-performance systems. Affiliate marketing has become one of the most famous marketing models. 

In this regard, we will formulate the best cost-effective marketing strategies, and our experts will help you in promoting your product and the services.


Be ready to get customized e-commerce solutions with our teams. We have excelled with the development of the apps on the website for the commerce businesses, including health, delivery, grocery, food. The all-in-one technological support that you get with our team makes us the best professionals. As the top eCommerce development solution company. We can help you in building the e-commerce superstore while protecting customer information. As a leading eCommerce development company, we have been offering the best eCommerce development solutions with the required technical support.

Over the years, we have built plenty of websites that have been driving the business as a web development company. We can ensure the development of the custom website. We can do so with the help of fully optimized responsive and modern designs. The eCommerce web development that we specialize with alongside the utilization of the CRM software makes us the finest teams. The top web development solutions that you can get with us define your brand and increase the products or the service sales through the online channel.

“The accountability begins where the Development lacks. Be the change, Not the Blame”

Development is either of a human being, an existing e-commerce website or it is a start-up, it is necessary for all aspects. The right development of your e-commerce site can give you the best result and helps in large conversion. The site with strategic architecture, well-placed and relevant content, information and all technical aspects can become a big source to increase your income. It is said that choosing an e-commerce platform is not an easy task and it requires a lot of expertise and experience.

Our Team

The skilled team at SearchIcon Digital has a rich experience in software customization and development. The team is an expert in the programming, development and integration of e-commerce sites. Our team consists of software engineers, web engineers, web developers, programming executives, programming in-charges, planning managers, database management experts and engineers. They also provide the service to develop the customised backend of the website and customization of the registration of the license and trending software like:

  • Joomla,
  • WooCommerce,
  • Presta Shop,
  • Magento,
  • OpenCart and
  • Shopware.

Team Assistance and benefits of Custom E-Commerce Development

There will be three teams who will be assisting your business 24 hours throughout the year.

Technical Team

The primary team is the technical team, who will be providing the complete technical assistance that includes the site architectures, web developers either for a startup or existing site, keywords analysts for analysis, research and analysis of the site content and keywords, content writers and designers, graphic designers, image and video editors and enhancers, members from report building team, theme designers, commercial gateway experts, lead followers and coordinators. This team works in excellent coordination. The every hour report (EHR) produced by the team is shared with the site in-charge and e-commerce business owner in order to inspect the productivity of the site and ensure the work progress.
Software Engineers

The second team that consists of software engineers, expert programming executives, programming in-charges and inspectors, planning managers and executives, database management experts and technical engineers. This team is responsible to inspect the software and other technical developments and updates, glitches and bug fixing. In other shifts, the team members are also responsible for data mining and database management, customisation and open source e-commerce platform programming and license registration for your e-commerce site.
Social Media Marketing Team

The third team is responsible for the social media marketing, social media coordination, and lead generation from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms, PR management and press release and second line command.

Benefits of Custom Development

There is an end number of benefits and advantages. If you’re heading with a super facility online store then you’ll need to understand that you’re setting up a service for a person who is sitting at his home or office. The benefits your site should give are as follows;

24 hours of Service
Competitive products and costing
It should be highly engaging and competitive in terms of product, cost, information, payment facilities and range.

   Highly operative and should not bar within a particular region or location demands.

It should be highly engaging and competitive in terms of product, cost, information, payment facilities and range.