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SEO Audits

The SEO audit service that we offer analyses the existing SEO strategies implemented on competitors’ websites. Our teams undertake the appropriate strategies and SEO audit analyze websites to improve your website’s performance with better results. So, get with us the comprehensive SEO audit competitive analysis in marketing that serves as the fastest, most efficient way to determine why your website isn’t ranking.

SEO audit services that we offer work in professional services to evaluate the site’s Search Engine Optimisation. It includes the technical off-page and on-page SEO. In addition to that, we can also provide you with recommendations for the improvement of the website Search Engine Optimisation.

In certain instances, we offer the SEO audit services that will be implementing the additional analysis of your competitor. The SEO audit service is inclusive of keyword research, site Structure Analysis, E-Commerce competitor review, HTTP suggestions that will act as a complete digital package focused on your brand improvement. In the procedure, we inform the various SEO audit tools, competitors analysis tools, checklist services and set the standards for examining the website to make it bespoke. Also, be informed regarding our specialized team for providing the inspection of the website and finding out the problems that are holding your site back.

Regular audits uncover minor issues before they become major. In this regard, our team promises to scrub your site and provide you with a list of improvements. Decide how aggressively you address them. A variety of auditing services that we provide you with will ensure giving you peace of mind. We formulate the best roadmap to improved rankings. We provide improved search rankings, making sure your site is optimized. SEO auditing helps you prioritize the work with the biggest impact on your success in search. You will get the best plans with off-page optimization and link building that have a direct impact on your ROI.

SEO consulting and technical audits can be provided. On-Site SEO Auditing makes us the best teams of experts for regular maintenance to sustain a high level of performance. Keyword Research helps discover keyword opportunities improve on-page optimization. Penalty Recovery serves as an audit to determine the cause of the penalty. That being said, we can eradicate the negative impact of penalties. We ensure we double-check everything to make everything go smoothly. We also offer the best services for an algorithm update, penalties, technical issues, or something else.

An Attempt to Analyze the SEO of your Site

So all you need to know is that SEO Audit is the only process that helps highly attain a rank on Google. This process is followed by content writing and other technical parameters.

We Searchicon Digital knows very well that it does matter if your site is brand new or existing. The SEO Audit which is completely a technical service is just like a health checkup of your site. It reviews each and every aspect of your site. It is essential to inspect your site internally on regular basis whether a large or partial part of your business, service or individual is dependent on the site.

Our Teams and What They Do?

Our SEO Audit team consists of strategists, technical experts, issue finding experts, internet tool handling experts, expert content writers, market analysts, optimisers, web architectures and web technicians who thoroughly inspect your site. They go through your business and then your site. The primary agenda of the team is to verify the rank of your website on each search engine and whether the targeted audience is able to find the way to your website without any hurdles or not.

The issue finding team finds the issues on the micro-level and fixes them on the spot. After fixing the issue, the team also verifies if there would be any loophole for any sort of issue. This was done on the self-assessment method which is an indigenous method of Seachicon Digital.

The market analyst, technical experts, internet tool handling team and strategists check the improvement of marketing performance, optimization of your business, service or individual website, social media accounts, Analytics, AdWords, AdWords keyword tools, Adsense, Blog Search and spam handling team finds the spammers who attempt to dump your site.

Why SEO Audit is Important?

So you’re missing the part of SEO Audit in your business or service site, which means you’re making an attempt to develop some critical errors. The technical expert team of Searchicon Digital inspects each and every step of SEO whether it is metadata, description, XHTML, code errors, architecture, content speed errors and webmaster tool. So if anyone of these is missing, it leads to big perforation.

We know the major experience starts with every search engine. It doesn’t matter which search engine you’re experiencing. In a report, it is found that the majority of searchers are searching for the most listed items or products on internet. Most of them often go with the first link provided by the search engine.

However, there is a big figure of those who ignore any paid items which they consider to be free while searching. Very few people pay the price for Wikipedia type website to obtain information or knowledge.Similar law is applicable with those who are coming to search for company, service or specific products. Yes! It is a well surveyed report that website with SEO are surviving on internet and those are lacking, are lost in maze room. It is also found that SEO is the most effective lead generation proved process, even far better than the cold calls or direct marketing.

Five Points Searchicon Digital keeps while SEO Audit.

On-Page SEO
This process contains the on-site analysis of your website and generates the result that what actually your site needs.
Off-Page SEO

This process evaluates and analyze the status of your website’s good and bad backlinks, Adwords, social media accounts and strategy, site reviews and images to make things go in correct way.

Keyword Research

The team assigned works on targeted Keywords to boost your business. These keywords were brought followed by the great research done by the team of experts.

Market Analysis

The team assigned by the Searchicon focuses on the working strategy of your competitor in order to catch the things which they follow in order to be on the top of the market position. This also improves your product value and provides you the precise feedback with team work on your web pages.

Technical SEO

This process is the main base of the final SEO Audit. This level includes URLs, Metadata, Alt-Tags and associated technicalities of the website to improve it.