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International SEO

An international SEO strategy helps businesses to succeed in global markets. Find new customers by implementing search engine optimization strategies, first one is the right Keyword Selection. With SEO plans from Searchicon Digital Pvt. Ltd., the best international SEO agency, you will get the best set approach for language-specific keyword research and targeting.

The dedicated support that our international SEO consultant offers with the International SEO methodology incorporates client discovery, multinational keyword Research, and competitor analysis.We can also set the best standards with the website Audit and digital asset review. Get the support for the on-site Optimisation and the Optimisation for the international SEO.

The International SEO campaign management and reporting make us a specialized team who will be working with the Geo-targeting, organizing, and optimizing the website as per the target country for generating the countless number of leads.

So if you’re trying to spread your business overseas and you want a good client base in other countries, you need to optimize your business with an International Search Engine Optimization strategy. SearchIcon is an expert in International SEO service because we understand the meaning and use of the digital market across the globe in 194 countries.

How International SEO works?

Yes! The strategy to optimize international SEO is completely different. In this process, languages are the primary focus, because the country chosen for your business will definitely speak a foreign language. In this regard, if you want to expand your business in multiple countries then you are compelled to follow the International Search Engine Optimization process because this procedure follows several languages.

Our linguistic team consists of 30 famous foreign and Indian languages that include English (the UK, US and Australia), Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Somali, Oromo, Amharic, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu etc. This language expert team has also expertise in content writing.

The content’s keywords are provided by the market analysts and technical teams who survey the international market to precisely know what people want abroad and how they obtain and their feedback on those products. This team prepares the Keywords and these keywords are the major factor to attract international clients.

The SEO is done in collaboration with a technical expert team, writers, web designers, market analysts, language experts and an internet tool handling expert team. This collaboration is important because your website will meet global giants like Chinese Baidu, Russian Yandex and Chinese Qihoo 360. So any search engine would not decline your business or product at any cost.

Research and Planning - Major Parts of International SEO

So if you’re planning to buy a domain as part of your overseas business strategy, then you make sure that you know when and where the Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) are demanded and how they should be used and where Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) is required and how it should be used.

Our expert teams of Searchicon know very well about the difference and usage of gTLD and ccTLD. To optimize the URL, there is a special team who do research on international URLs and which kind of URLs are getting the highest traffic and how to attain with existing URLs in the international market. After this process, a multilingual linking strategy is also as important as the selection of domains. Teams of experts also know the proper use of language tags.

The majority of our research and planning is equivalent to local SEO, just language and extensions are increased in international SEO. So if you’re not able to figure out the country or region from where your customers are making demands, then we assign teams to use extensive analytics to find out your targeted regions or countries. This helps greatly to boost your business on the global stage

Some Important Key Factors Remembered while International SEO

International Keywords Research
Strategy Clarification
Content Writing and Designing
Technical Evaluation and Assessment
Language Study and Analysis
Global Potential Market Research

What You're Assign to Do with Your Business

You must ensure that the product of your company or individual has its own identity. Identification of every product should be done on a routine basis and it shouldn’t be repeated. If there is any compulsion to repeat the identity, then make sure it should carry unique codes. These codes and identification always help your business, product or individual to stand out from the crowd.

We assure you that International SEO will definitely help you in making international market credibility and helps in sustaining on the international stage. You’ll receive more traffic and with that traffic, prospects will be generated on a higher level, so that your business would be able to achieve the set target. This scale not only helps you to develop your international identity but also will help you in gearing up for the next targeted country to spread your business.